Mr.Red about to use his time-freeze ability.

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Mr. Red fighting off the boss's goons.

Mr.Red is a red stickman who is the protagonist in the animation series called Shock(created by Terkoiz).Not much is known about his past but it is evident that he is looking for a job.He goes to an unknown building to apply for a janitor but ends up fighting his way through the building.He finally gets the job when he defeats the owner of the building.In Shock 2,Mr. Red is told by his boss that they will have an employee checkup and he once again fights with his boss.Mr. Red fails to defeat the boss due to his cloning abilities and is is unknown what happened to him after the events of Shock 2 but he makes a few cameos in other animations that hint that he has found a new job.

Powers and abilities Edit

Mr. Red is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is known for defeating hundreds of enemies singlehandedly.He also has the ability to temporarily freeze time,which he uses to beat enemies while they are frozen.He also seems to be very adept at using a spear and even killed off a giant goon with it.